A Formula for Effective Government

  • End the Burdensome Regulation of Small Businesses
  • End Legislative Grants and Excessive Spending
  • Enact the Line Item Veto for the Governor
  • Create the Office of Inspector General
  • True Ethics Reform


  • In the RI Senate, every committee is roughly a 5 to 1 ratio of Democrat to Republican representation. How can there be debate in legislation? How can we expect to be innovate as a state and solve problems without the introduction of countering viewpoints? In life, when things are not at least close to equal, we realize that something needs to be done to create that optimal environment. #calise11 #riseandshineRI
  • An Inspector General with enforcement abilities would not only detect waste and fraud, but act on findings and provide a level of accountability. With spending at $9+BILLION dollars, we expect outcomes to match intended goals!
  • Tolls aren’t the answer! Decades of wasteful spending and misuse of taxpayer’s money with no threat of accountability has literally crumbled RI infrastructure. Elect new leadership. Don’t punish industry!

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