Stephanie Calise: Create the Office of Inspector General to Eliminate Waste, Fraud and Promote Transparency in Rhode Island

Stephanie Calise

Stephanie Calise Senate Candidate District 11 Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders are at the receiving end of terrible customer service, wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars, and ineffective agencies for far too long.  It is time to rise and shine from the clouds of mass confusion and demand transparency!  The Office of Inspector General is one step toward a brighter future for Rhode Island families and businesses that will foster an environment for growth and overall progress.

Office of Inspector General for R.I

  • Needs to be created by statute
  • Needs to be independent from the offices and agencies that they are charged with oversight
  • Able to audit and investigate
  • Able to enforce sanctions criminally, civilly, and procedurally to eliminate waste and fraud

A quote from Crafting accountability policy: Designing offices of inspector general, Robin J. Kempf explains why these four tenants, although often deviated from, are the best formula to obtain the objective of creating an oversight agency to provide for transparent and more effective government.


 “In the United States, government accountability has become a constant concern, or even an “obsession” (Dubnick & O’Brien, 2011M.J. Dubnick , J. O’Brien . Rethinking the obsession: Accountability and the financial crisis. M.J. Dubnick , H.G. Frederickson . Accountable governance: Problems and promises. 2011; M. E. Sharp: Armonk, NY 282–301. of elected officials, citizens and public managers alike (Dubnick & Frederickson, 2011aM.J. Dubnick , H.G. Frederickson . The promises of accountability research. M.J.Dubnick , H.G. Frederickson . Accountable governance: Problems and promises. 2011; M. E. Sharp: Armonk, NY xiii–xxxii. Offices of Inspector General (OIGs) have emerged as one solution many policymakers have gravitated toward in order to address this concern. This bureaucratic unit, originally established in a military context, has spread across the country and through federal, state, and local levels of government. While virtually none existed in a civilian context before 1976, now two-thirds of the 50 states and many localities have these offices.”

Robin J. Kempf, Adam Graycar. (2018) Dimensions of Authority in Oversight Agencies: American and Australian ComparisonsInternational Journal of Public Administration 41:14, pages 1145-1156.

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